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Excess Lecture at Degrees Singapore

Business DegreesSingapore - Singapore, a favorite country for college or just sightseeing in most Indonesian citizens. Besides being close, affordable and complete facilities, this country is also included in the category of developed countries. 

So, Singapore provides its own prestige for anyone who goes there. What else is able to graduate from one of the universities there? Many opportunities will come naturally. Then, what are the other reasons to study in Singapore? 

Close to Indonesia Like this one point, doesn’t need to explain anymore. Surely you already know that Singapore is really close. Whenever you miss your home or want to travel to a neighboring country like Malaysia, just take a plane without taking a long time.

Guaranteed safety and cleanliness, your health and safety there is no need to doubt, Singapore is one of the safest countries. The restaurant and food court there were also monitored by the local government agency.

 Want to walk by yourself? Do not worry. These activities are common in Singapore. Police are also always on standby including CCTV at various points. Culture that is not too much different, just like Malaysia; there is also a culture similar to our country. Food, body posture, their environment is not much different from us. Just the difference between Singaporeans working quickly and on time, you can't relax if you work with them.

Transportation in Singapore is designed really well; you don't need to have a private vehicle for traveling, work or even traveling. Just by having 1 card and MRT or bus, you can get around Singapore.  

SIM Global Education this has the title of being one of the best countries in the field of education, so you don't need to be doubtful about the quality of education there and job opportunities when you graduate, you will explain in point no 6. Some universities are well-known internationally, for example Nanyang Business School the 35 biggest best businesses school ranking versions of the Financial Times.

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